• The Cape Blazer vs The Bomber Jacket

    Posted: Feb 20 2017

    This season, two major outerwear pieces took over the run way. The cape blazer and the bomber jacket. So which one do we think is a vital addition to your wardrobe? Let's break it down!

    Black Cape Blazer

    The Cape Trend. Yes, the cape blazer is here and to say we are in love with it, is an understatement. No we aren't talking about red flow-y super hero capes. (Although, that would be kinda cool.) We are talking about the chicest piece that can transform your outfit from casual to high-fashion in seconds. It's a staple piece every woman should have in their closet. 

    Its the perfect way to keep warm throughout winter without scrunching up your outfit and slipping in and out is so easy, it will become your go-to jacket! Did we mention it looks good with everything? Whether you're wearing jeans, a skirt, trousers or a dress, this cape will up the style ante of your entire wardrobe.

     There are so many fun designs to choose from. Varying in styles, colors and patterns, for us at Pippa & Pearl, nothing can beat a classic black cape. The best part about these capes, they'll work for every season. Even layered with pretty floral dresses this spring or a white t-shirt and cropped jeans, the cape is here to stay. If you own one of these bad boys, you're a fashion super hero in our books!

    Black Bomber Jacket with Pink Lining

    The Bomber Jacket is taking over street style, runways and celebrities alike. It seems to be fashions favorite new jacket! 

    The bomber jacket or MA-1 (if we're getting technical) started as a jacket that was best suited for chilly, cramped cockpits. Pilots needed outerwear that was going to be functional in high-altitude cold weather while still being streamlined enough to stay out of the way of plane operation. But no longer is it confined by its military roots, the bomber is now a true fashion essential.

    So, how can the bomber jacket become a staple piece in your closet? Well, like the cape blazer, you can pretty much pair it with anything. Throw it over a white t-shirt, black jeans, strap up booties and a bold clutch for a fierce look. And don't be afraid to throw it over a sexy wrap dress with wedged sneakers for an unexpected sportswear look.

    There's no doubt that the bomber has taken over the fashion world, in its unusual colors and fresh silhouettes. Some are oversized and some are embroidered, it's all about the details this season. Of course we want our cake and to eat it too! So we opted for a classic black bomber with a peek-a-boo bold pink silk interior. If you go this route, you'll be lookin' pretty, eerm, bomb!

     So which one is the winner? Sorry guys, but this is a tie in our book. These are both versatile pieces that will give your wardrobe easy to go to options and take any outfit up a notch. We need them both in our closets!




  • Halloween Costumes Ideas With Pieces From Pippa & Pearl's Closet

    Posted: Oct 26 2016

    This Halloween, we've decided to skip the over-priced, cheap costumes that we'll only wear once. Instead, the girls here at Pippa & Pearl got creative! Using some fabulous pieces from our fall collection, they were able to put together some of the chicest and fashionable costumes around! The best part, when you’re done wearing it for Halloween you can wear them again and again... and again!

    POCAHONTAS in Suede Laser Cut Dress in Camel

    One of the most practical and wearable Fall/Winter 2016 fashion trends, suede has that magical feeling of leather and velvet-y softness, and it's stealing the runway's everywhere. The feel, the fit, and the color, all the reasons to invest in this season's perfect dress. And, it made a KILLER Pocahontas! ;)


    Suede Laser Cut Dress, $84.00 | GUESS Gold Sandals, $27.60; | Love Caroline O. Gold Leaf Headband Halo, $7.25

    POISON IVY in Teal Green Lace Dress

    While lace stole the runways in 2015, it is still a vital part of Fall/Winter 2016 fashion trends. We couldn't wait to get on board and get our hands on some lace dresses this season. Perfect for pairing with a leather jacket for a fun night out or pairing with your perfect pearls for a holiday party, this lace dress is as versatile as it is comfortable. We put together the perfect Poison Ivy look with this fun and sexy piece, not to mention the teal green color is to DIE FOR!

    Poison Ivy

    Teal Green Lace Dress, $79.95; | Steve Madden Nude Heels, $99.95


    Tulle skirts are the top of the trend this Fall/Winter season: they have always been a symbol of grace and femininity, and this season, you can wear them for so many occasions. A holiday party, a fun night out and even for our favorite holiday ever... Halloween! Since the arrival of my second daughter earlier this month, I wasn't able to jump in on the costume fun. I've decided to throw it back to last years costume escapades when my then 1 year old daughter and I dressed up as Dorothy and Glenda Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz.

    While she was the cutest decked out Dorothy around.. complete with ruby slippers! I kept my costume simple. A pink tulle skirt, white chiffon blouse and fun sparkly flats, everyone loved the simplicity of my costume and the fact that I took pieces out of my own closet!

    Glenda Good Witch

    Tulle Skirt in Blush, $54.00 | White Tie Blouse, $32.50 | Steve Madden Sparkling Flats, $59.95



  • Pippa & Pearl Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Posted: Oct 18 2016

    Our philanthropy will always be near and dear to our hearts. Our outreach is diverse in nature, abundant in enrichment, and full of conviction. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we couldn’t wait to show our support for such a serious cause. Education and empowering women goes beyond the classroom. This is exactly why we are getting behind a great non-profit group, The Rose, for the whole month of October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

    The Rose is a non-profit group providing women with the tools and resources necessary to prevent, detect, and treat breast cancer. The unique and admirable quality of The Rose is their commitment to help women regardless of their ability to pay for these techniques and services. As their mission states, “Every woman deserves quality breast health care. Every woman deserves The Rose.”

    Show your support by simply looking pretty in pink this month in a Pippa & Pearl ensemble. All while staying on trend with one of the Pantone colors of the year, Rose Quartz. Pippa & Pearl will donate a portion of all Pink Purchases to support The Rose in their continued efforts to prevent, detect and treat breast cancer for all women.

    Hot Pink Delilah Peek-A-Boo Dress

    Blush Pink Tulle Skirt

    Pretty In Pink Dress

    Take a peek at everything pink we have available and shop:  ThinkPink

    You can also make a donation directly to The Rose here: Donate Now

    For questions or comments please contact Suzanne at

  • City Florals - A Behind the Scenes Look

    Posted: Sep 20 2016

    Hello Beauties!

    If you haven't had a chance to check out our newest creation "City Florals" you can find the video at the bottom of this post as well as our FB page. We really hope you guys love it as much as we do!

    Jared Pierson of Full Frame FX brought us the concept, and our creative director Blair jumped on board, as well as up and down with glee, and helped him run with it. His idea brought our apparel to life with videography, in a way that flat product stills just can’t.

    Because we can't get enough of this video, we wanted to share a couple of behind the scenes snapshots, as well as a few beautiful images captured during the shoot.

    Necklace | Pearl Peplum Top (arriving soon)

    Earrings | Blouse | Rings | Pants

    Top | Bracelets

    Earrings | Bracelet | Dress


    We also sat down with Jared and Blair to find out what went into the collaboration and how they feel about the finished product.


     What was your inspiration for this project? Concept for Jared and Styling for Blair?

    (J) - I wanted to do something different. I wanted to create fashion cinematography.

    (B) - I saw this as an opportunity to show our audience how wearable some of our most boldly printed garments are. I loved getting to showcase our clothes against the backdrop of the real world.

    How do you feel about the final product? Did it turn out how you hoped?

    (B) - I am thrilled with the final product! I think there are always things to learn and ways to grow therefore the next one will only be better for it. I'm a pretty confident person when it comes to my artistic vision but I'm also always looking to expand and learn more. Sometimes you try to capture a shot that looked good in your mind and it simply doesn't work. But even when that happens there is usually a lesson to be learned which only makes you better. Plus sometimes you have an idea and you are able to capture it perfectly or even better than you had in mind, and when that happens It's so incredibly fulfilling. Even the most confident person needs a little reassurance sometimes that their ideas are good and that they are on the right track. Both the wins and the lessons just make me excited to get out and do another one! So how can I not be satisfied with that?

    What was your biggest challenge during this project?

    (J) - My biggest challenge was being a one man crew in terms of getting the content. I wanted images and video for this. It was definitely a challenge but worth it.

    (B) - How we went about shooting would probably be a challenge for most. I happen to feel at home in a “guerrilla style” shooting experience. I love the fast pace and the excitement of winging it. No amount of planning can truly prepare you for what you will discover when you are in a particular location for the first time. Sometimes it's challenging when you start to shoot from a certain vantage point or with a particular backdrop in mind, and it doesn't work the way you hoped. But if you are willing to experiment and really play within the location, magic can happen.

    Why and/or how did you come to choose the location where the video was shot?

    (J) - I knew you couldn’t go wrong with a downtown backdrop.

    (B) - I loved the the juxtaposition of placing our ultra feminine shapes, and bold but soft floral prints against the hard, cold, corporate backdrop of 9-5, Monday through Friday, downtown Houston. I think the clothes popped off the background while simultaneously reading wearable and relatable.

    What was your favorite part of the process or day?

    (J) - My favorite part IS the process. It’s the whole deal. Having said that, it’s really rewarding to see it all come together in post production.

    (B) - I love it all! Work doesn't feel like work (even when you are sweating) when you love it so much.

    Is video harder or easier than photography? How are they different? Likes and dislikes about each?

    (J) - I respect them both in their own right. Cinematography is it’s own beast but they’re connected in light. I love them both really.

    What is it like working with Blair/Jared?

    (J) - Blair is a big ball of really dense energy! [He laughs] There’s just so much creativity and perfection in her head that I feel she might burst one day! #supernova pleasure working with her!

    (B) - I love that Jared lets me spew all my crazy ideas and opinions all over the place without getting overwhelmed-- or at least without showing it.. Sometimes when you get artists together there can be a clash of ego but Jared really respects what each of us bring to the table, and he has just as much passion for projects like this as I do. Plus Jared has a great sense of humor. We always manage to fit some laughter in so it makes it fun.

    Do you have any plans to work on more projects like this in the future?

    (J) - More projects!

    (B) - Absolutely! I hope to make more video content like this for every season. I just think it is so fun and even necessary to get to bring the clothes to life this way.

    Were there any funny things or mishaps that happened on set?

    (B) - I did have people stop me to ask me if our model Victoria was famous. I don't think Houstonians are used to having their walk to work turned into a film set.

    Anything else you want to say about the project or experience? 

    (J) - This was really fun! Thanks to Blair and Pippa & Pearl for being willing to participate. Thanks to our model Victoria for being so patient with us!

    (B) - Yes, Victoria was such a rockstar!! Thanks to Jared for bringing us the opportunity for collaboration, I had a blast! I’m very proud of what we were able to create.


  • 2016 RUNWAY THE “Pearl” way: classics make a comeback!

    Posted: Aug 01 2016

    Whether she’s headed for bottomless mimosas or picking up after her two-year old’s tea party, a PEARLGirl never forgets the classics. This season’s runways answered the age-old question: “Does fashion ever really go out of style?” While some trends fade in the dust, classic prints, silhouettes and fabrics will always make a statement. 

    Dressed in Denim

    Who says denim has to be casual?! Far from the days of Daisy Duke and Ellie Mae Clampett, Lady Denim made a splash on the runways this season by showing her classier, more sophisticated side. Dressed up or dressed down, denim is a fabric for all seasons and should be a staple in your wardrobe year-round. Feel free to keep denim fun and flirty for the spring and summer, or layer it for fall and winter. A sassy long crop with a sweet tulle tutu is an easy “dress it up, dress it down” look.

    Stripes and Shirt Dresses: Not-So-Risky Business

    Two trends that we see recurring often are stripes and shirt dresses. Stripes, though some may stick to more simple choices, can make some of the boldest statements. Also for centuries, a man’s button down has not changed. However, we have seen a push for men’s oxfords in a woman’s wardrobe. We could not AGREE more! Combining these two trends is the best way for you to stay sophisticated, yet sexy! You’ll be classic and chic, a true lady in this vertical stripe dress. Think: Tom Cruise in Risky Business. That iconic slide across the living floor is still one of the sexiest moments in film. Why not make an alluding statement of your own?

    Floral Fascinations

    Take one look at our boutique and you will quickly see that we are completely obsessed with this trend. At Pippa & Pearl, as far as we’re concerned, florals will never go out of style! There’s such variety in this classic print that a PEARLGirl could NEVER throw this trend out!

    Naturally, our selection of bold floral prints and patterns are always in bloom! For a derby or high tea, we might choose to don one of our big, BOLD, all over florals and top it off with an equally bold and intricate fascinator. Just the same some of our darker floral prints can be worn for parties and special events all the way through fall and winter.

    Florals do not have to be put away after spring time! During the work week we might choose a floral top with a cigarette pant and ballet flat or studded sandal. Either way, Pippa & Pearl’s floral obsession will keep blossoming every season.

    Never be afraid to invest in new classics for your wardrobe, and add your own personal touch to feel like you just stepped off the runway. Denim, stripes, shirt dresses and florals can be statement pieces on their own, or be mixed and matched to find a one-of-a-kind look that suits your mood. And always remember, confidence and kindness are a woman’s most infectious accessories.