Jumpsuits - The good. The chic. The Scary.

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Ah, the jumpsuit. They can be ridiculously cute but so many women are afraid to go down the route of a jumpsuit. You know, that garment that incorporates trousers and a top in one piece? So many women I know have shared their dismal for this one piece clothing item. It just makes me ponder what poorly designed jumpsuits they must be trying on? 

I've been there. I see all of the Pinterest models, frolicking in these anything-but-ordinary one-piece-wonders and I'm staring at my screen wide eyed like the heart-eyed emoji. I anticipate trying one on, only to be completely disappointed and wondering "is this supposed to look like this?"

Jumpsuits are supposed to be playful, vibrant, figure flattering and above all easy-to-wear! If you're not feeling like a sophisticated goddess... then you are not wearing the right one!

I'll never forget the first time I tried on a jumpsuit I loved! It was so comfortable and easy to dress up. All I needed was the right set of heels and some simple jewelry. Choosing the right pair of shoes is key to pulling off this look. Keep it simple. Nothing tears down the look of your chic jumpsuit like a clunky pair of shoes. Of course, for those of you who know they can pull off sky high platforms with anything they put on and be entirely glamorous, then I say, "slay girl, slay".

For effortless and chic fashion... grab a pair of strapp-y sandals, some simple jewelry and you got a head-to-toe-ready outfit for any event.

Jumpsuits aren't going anywhere and we're bringing you several chic designs to add to your wardrobe!


the pearl girls

Red Bow Jumpsuit

Bow Shoulder Jumpsuit - Red

 Velvet Culotte Jumpsuit - Black

Lace Top Jumpsuit - Olive

Crochet Lace Top Jumpsuit

Crochet Ruffle Top Jumpsuit - Navy Blue & Cream

Royal Blue and Cream Jumpsuit

Crochet Top Jumpsuit - Royal Blue

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